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Buffet Options

Sandwich & Chips - £4.00 per head

For 10 or more people. A selection of various sandwich fillings - typically Mature Cheddar & Red Onion, Egg mayonnaise, Ham, Beef and Tuna Mayonnaise. Served on white & brown bloomer bread with chunky chips.



The Thorn Tree 2.5 footer (approx. size) - £14.00

A whole french stick filled with various fillings from our sandwich menu with salad & chunky chips.

Served typically four people, though some of our customers have been known to tackle one to themselves! For something different - why not order a few for your party?



"Go All Out" - £8.95 per head

A buffet that goes a bit further - a selection of various sandwich fillings on our white & brown bloomer bread, chunky chips, pasta salad, rice salad, coleslaw & potato salad with a selection of our homemade quiches. Ideal for something a bit more special.



The Thorn Tree Pie Buffet - £9.95 per head

A selection of three pies - typically beef, chicken and vegetarian served with homemade mushy pies, chunky chips and wholegrain mustard mashed potato.